iCalendar to Prizm Calendar Event converter

Welcome! This tool lets you convert calendar events in the iCalendar format into files which you can import to the calendar system of the Utilities add-in for the Casio Prizm calculators (version 1.2 or above).

Select a iCalendar (ics) file to convert:
Category for the converted events:
0-invisible; 1-black; 2-blue, 3-green, 4-cyan, 5-red, 6-pink, 7-yellow

After you press the button above, you will be prompted to download a ZIP file. Inside that file, there will be one or more files with the .pce extension.

The last step in importing the events into Utilities requires that you connect the calculator to the computer as a Mass Storage device (press F1 on the calculator when prompted), extract the pce files out of the ZIP, and put them in the @UTILS folder on your calculator.

Note that this is not inside the @MainMem folder! It is the folder that is on the top level of the calculator. If a folder called @UTILS doesn't exist there, create it (don't forget the @).

In the end, if your calculator has, for example, the drive letter F, the file structure should look like this:

-- F:
 |-- @UTILS
 | |-- 00001.pce
 | |-- 00002.pce
 | |-- 00003.pce
 | |-- 000...pce (all of the files inside the ZIP)
 | |-- possibly other files (most ended in .pce)
 |-- @MainMem
 |-- other folders and files of yours

When you are done putting the files on the calculator, safely remove it. Wait while the calculator disconnects. When it is ready, open the Main Menu and launch Utilities (must be version 1.2 or above).

Now, press F3 and then EXE to open the calendar. Press OPTN to open the extended options menu, and select "Import Events" (4th item). Finally, press F1 and wait. The operation may take a long time if there are many events to import.

The 00001.pce, 00002.pce, etc. files you copied will be deleted as they are imported (if you attempt the import operation again, no events will be imported).

If you experience any problems, just contact the developer: gbl08ma at gmail dot com.

Privacy notice: none of the uploaded data is permanently stored on our servers; the data only lives in memory (RAM) for as long as needed to perform the conversion and download of the converted data, and never touches any permanent storage.